What other features does arctil come with

Along with vulnerability scanning and information gathering, arctil comes pre-packed with some other features to aid in security testing.

• Multi-threaded directory fuzzer

Test multiple possible directories simultaniously during your scans. Threads are configurable within the application settings.

• Cookie inspector

Inspect website cookies using the built in cookie inspector, some cookies can be automatically decoded.

• Website map

Build an interactive view of a target website and the file structure with the website map, files can also be viewed using the file inspector.

• Report generation

Create a professional report once your scan has completed, this report comes as a HTML file which can be passed along to for actioning.

• Scanning Profile

If you're once of those people that simple wants to check what information arctil is able to find without conducting indepth scans no worry, arctil comes with "Scanning Profiles" to help speed this along.

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