Introducing arctil 3

Its taken months of painstaking hard work but we're finally pleased to say that the next version of arctil is ready. Presenting, arctil 3.

You may be wondering, what exactly is so special about this new release? Well, here goes. With the majority of arctil 3 we've taken everything back to the drawing board and rebuilt it from the ground up to ensure the final product is much more polished and refined. From new features like the website map and file inspector to a redesigned web request system arctil 3 is not simply a continuation, it's a completely new application.

So how does arctil go about testing a website? Packed with a number of testing features arctil will scan through a live website and check any linked pages for existing vulnerabilities. Along with this, arctil will also assess the information that's available within other aspects of the website to find and identify both website and web server features.

We have a full breakdown of the specific vulnerability testing arctil performs, the information it collects and the other features it comes with but here are a few to get started.

Vulnerability Assessment

• Injection Attacks, File Inclusion, Unvalidated Redirects and Open Directory Listings. Learn more...

Information Gathering

• Full Path Disclosure, Server Misconfiguration, Default Error Pages and Information Leakage. Learn more...

Other Features

• Cookie Inspector, Website Map & File Inspector, Framework Detection and Software Detection. Learn more...

If you're interested in picking up a copy of arctil 3 then why not head on over to our download page, arctil is available on both Windows and Linux-based operating systems. Not to mention it's free!

What else does arctil have to offer?

Although arctil's primary field of focus is security, we have also packed arctil 3 with a number of features aimed at web developers and website administrators. Out of the box, arctil 3 has the ability to crawl a website and locate basic things such as broken links and internal server errors. Additionally, it'll also inform the user of potential information leakage and server misconfigurations, these misconfigurations could be simple things like software versions or default error pages.

Obviously, arctil is no one-stop shop to protect a website, nothing is. We do strongly recommend that manual testing accompanies any scans you undertake. However, with the inclusion of regular scans, you can add that extra piece of mind that your website is just a little bit more secure.


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