Guide to scanning profiles

With the release of arctil 2.1 we're happy to announce the introduction of scanning profiles. So, what exactly are scanning profiles? Scanning profiles enable quicker use of arctil without having to select specific settings. You can choose from a number of built in scanning profiles.

We have packaged arctil with a number of scanning profiles, learn more about each of our included profiles below.

Queued Scanning Profile -Q

Queued scanning is a scan profile in which all multi-threading has been removed. Simply put, arctil is only able to make one request at a time and so is less likely to be detected by web application firewalls. Scan preferences are still enabled during this profile, see the usage example below. Additionally, arctil places a random pause in between each request. These pauses range from 1 to 4 seconds each. -Q

Loud Scanning Profile -L

The loud scanning profile aims everything arctil has to offer at your target, its not fast, its not quiet but it is simple. Scan preferences are irrelevant with this profile as it is deisned to make life a simple as possible, it is recommend that this is used on local targets before deployment. See the usage example below. -L

Information Scanning Profile -I

Information scanning allows for the user to run all information gathering techniques against a target without needing to specify any settings on your scan preferences. This profile will not conduct any offensive tests, see the usage example below. -I

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