Frequently asked questions

What does POI stand for?

POI is just the acronym for "Points Of Interest". This refers the the different vulnerabilities and information that arctil has managed to gather from your target.

How do I tell if I'm running the latest version of arctil?

Just look in the "help" menu at the top of the application window, then select "check for updates". Additionally you can also visit this link.

How much does arctil cost?

Nothing! Arctil is 100% free.

Arctil says it's found a vulnerability what should I do now?

Arctil will inform you of the vulnerability and the page its located on. With this information you should be able to inform the web master or take the relevant steps to patch the issue.

What operating systems does arctil work on?

Currently arctil runs both Windows and Linux based operating systems. We're working on adding more in the future.

Where are report files saved to?

When you initially run arctil it will download and save a number of config files in "Documents/arctil/". Within this location you will find a "reports/" directory. This is where all report files are stored.

Where are files exported to?

Like report files arctil creates a directory inside the "Documents/arctil/" location called "exports/". Any exported results can be found here inside a json file.

Does arctil support plugins?

Unfortunately, arctil does not currently support plugins.

How can I hide certain file types from arctil?

If you would like to block a specific file type from the arctil web crawler navigate to the arctil directory and add the file extension into the "excluded_extentions.txt" file. All files with this extension will no longer be included into your scan.

What are scanning profile's?

Scanning profiles are built in scan settings which allows for you to start your scans faster without having to set any scan preferences. You can learn more by visiting Scanning Profiles.

Why is the Windows version smaller than Linux?

The Windows version of arctil is about 50MBs smaller than the Linux as Linux comes prepacked with the QT interface file, when you run arctil for the first time on Windows it will download any required QT files info a folder called qtbox.

Does arctil support multiple languages?

We're pleased to say that since the release of version 2.1.1 arctil application does support multiple languages. We're hoping to have the website catch up soon with this feature. You can find out more by taking a look at this help article.

Still need help?

Are you having trouble using arctil? Why not try reaching out to our Community Forum.

Alternatively, you can try contacting us through the Contact page.