In late 2021 the arctil web security assessment tool was born, originally built using Python, arctil was aimed at making website security more available to the less tech-savvy amongst us. Despite being happy with what we’d achieved, we felt arctil could be better, so we returned to work.

As of October 2022, arctil 3 was released. However, here’s the sad news. Due to the time requirements to maintain such a tool, arctil 3 has since been on hold and at this time there are no plans to continue development. This does not mean the end of arctil though, we’ve put greater emphasis on education and introduced the learning centre.

Like the tool, arctil’s learning centre is a free resource for anyone to come and improve their knowledge base. This includes articles covering old but gold vulnerabilities like SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting through to the more modern AWS Penetration Testing and Active Directory.

So what next?

While development on arctil (web security assessment tool) has been put on hold we will continue to develop arctil to become a great source of information. Feel free to keep checking back for regular updates or follow us on Twitter.

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