Here's a little about us

Simply put, arctil is a software development company who are super enthusiastic when it comes to web application security. We believe web security should be openly available to all website owners and users regardless of experience or budget.

In this day and age websites collect vast amounts of information regarding the lovely people that visit them, this information is precious and so we feel it's our duty to educate the public and help administrators correctly manage this information ensuring both the website and the information it collects are secure.

So what's our story?

In late 2021 the arctil web security assessment tool was born, originally built using Python arctil was aimed at making website security more available to the less tech-savvy amongst us. Despite being happy with what we'd achieved, we felt arctil could be better and so we went right back to work building a better arctil, until we achieve the goal of a perfect product this work will continue.

So what does the arctil web security assessment tool do? Well, to put it simply. The arctil web security assessment tool tests and probes a website to check for numerous security threats, these threats range from simple things such as broken links and software detection all the way through to database injections and file inclusions. Once a scan has been completed you'll be able to analyse the results and export a report file, these results can then be actioned upon to help secure the website.

As of October 2022 arctil 3 was released. Although we fully intend to continue developing arctil, we feel there's more we can do. With this in mind, we put greater emphasis on educating the general public on matters relating to web application security. To do this we've created the Learning Centre, a place where anyone can go to read up on a number of different aspects of web security. Like the arctil tool, this is also free.

We won't just leave you in the dark though, we have a dedicated community forum where you'll be able to go and seek help regarding any security-related issues you have. Although we won't be able to directly fix any issues you find, we will be able to educate and point you in the right direction.