Who are we?

Simply put, we're a software development company with the sole focus of making online security accessible for everyone. No payments, no hidden fee's and no complications.

So whats our story?

In late 2021 the arctil web security assessment was born, originally built using Python arctil was aimed at making website security more available to the less tech savy amongst us. Despite being happy with what we'd achieved we felt arctil could be better and so we went right back to work building a better arctil, until we achieve a perfect product this work will continue.

We're currently on version 2.1.1 and always working to improve.

What does arctil do?

Through a number methods arctil tests and probes a target website for numerous security threats, these threats range from simple things such as broken links and software detection all the way through to database injections and file inclusions. Once a scan has completed you'll be able to analyse the results and export a report file, these results can then be actioned upon to help secure the website.

How can you get a copy of arctil?

Available and tested on Windows and Linux arctil is ready to help protect your website. Get your copy now - Download.