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arcan3@workstation (~/.aws/)$ aws iam list-users
@app.route("/download/<filename>", methods=["GET"])
def download(filename):
      return open("./downloads/" + filename).read()

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Reading And Writing Files Via SQL Injection

Although SQL is traditionally used to manipulate data within a database. Occasionally, it can be used to read and write system files. The ability to interact with the file system grants much further reach and can lead to further compromise. Although there are several SQL database technologies, i... Continue reading


Deserialization Vulnerabilities With Pythons Pickle Library

Deserialization vulnerabilities occur when an application deserializes a user-controlled serialized object. In Python, the native way to serialize and deserialize an object is with the Pickle library. Other libraries are also available, these include JsonPickle and Pyaml. The pickle loads() func... Continue reading

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Exporing And Exploiting PHP Wrappers

Web applications are often built using a combination of files, this allows developers to reuse the same code across multiple pages and reduce the impact on server resources. Each PHP application is built differently but the common factor across include vulnerabilities is the use of the include ... Continue reading

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CorpAPI – A Vulnerable API For Testing

Wanting to improve my Python programming and API penetration testing has long been on my to-do list. Finally, with some free time on my hands, I opted to build a…

A Retrospective Look Back At Pen-200 And The OSCP Exam

So before I jump into it, I’ll first set the scene. Aside from some knowledge which I’d gained from YouTube, Google and doing hobbyist web development, I had no experience…